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Member firms must offer:

  1. The Member will offer a genuine discount of between 15% and one third to eligible parties (AFLA membership specifically does not require any discount to be given in relation to any legal action involving HM Government)
  2. The Member will make clear the applicable services covered by the discount.
  3. The Member is responsible for ensuring proof of eligibility (see Entitled Persons section below).
  4. The Member will maintain a simple list of the number of discounts offered per annum, and be prepared to provide this number to AFLA within four weeks of a request (to assist in the marketing of the scheme).
    Only for so long as the above is offered then:
  5. AFLA will grant the Member a non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide licence to use the AFLA logo for the term, noting that, no intellectual property shall transfer in pursuance of this agreement. AFLA will supply the AFLA logo to the Member.
  6. The Member agrees to immediately cease using the AFLA logo on receiving an instruction to that effect from AFLA (for whatever reason).
    AFLA will:
  7. Display the name of the Member on the AFLA website for the term.
  8. Undertake promotion work of the scheme through military and civilian media (where editorial coverage can be gained) and social media channels.
  9. Set a term for each membership period.
    Other issues:
  10. Each of the parties hereby undertakes to the other to refrain from any activity that may harm the reputation of the other party.  The Member hereby acknowledges that AFLA does not endorse its services.
  11. AFLA accepts no liability for any loss incurred by the Member by virtue of the Member’s membership of AFLA.  The Member indemnifies AFLA for any liability resulting from the Member’s membership of AFLA. AFLA members undertake to indemnify AFLA and keep AFLA fully indemnified against all actions, claims, proceedings, costs, damages and all legal costs or other expenses arising out of any claim in delict or contract or other areas of law.
  12. AFLA may, at its sole discretion, terminate this agreement at any time on written notice to that effect.

Entitled persons are:

  • Personnel, both regular and reserve, serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces at the time that they engage the Member to provide to them any Applicable Services;
  • Those who left Her Majesty’s Armed Forces within two years of engaging the Member to provide to them Applicable Services;
  • Those individuals who have sustained serious injuries as a direct result of service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (a lifetime entitlement);
  • Recipients of the Victoria Cross and the George Cross (a lifetime entitlement); and
  • Bereaved next of kin recipients of the Elizabeth Cross (a lifetime entitlement).

Last Updated: February 2014

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